About Us

We started Hellion because when we set up our two gyms we got frustrated by poor quality gear being sold at a premium.  We got sick of low end bearing bars, nasty plastic plates, rigs that tore up out hands and the list goes on.  So we set out to fix the issue with a no nonsense range of premium gear.

We have now sought out the world's best manufacturing facilities and come to exclusive terms with many of them that mean you can now buy world leading quality equipment without the price tag.

We understand that setting up a gym or box - or even kitting our your garage - can be an expensive exercise.  We've been there and done that.  Not only to we strive to keep our prices down - we're also partnered with Flexi Commercial who can take the pain out of a large equipment purchase. 

Everything we sell has been used and abused in our own gyms.  We know it's good and we stand by everything we sell with a warranty that you can rely on.