Where are you located.

We are based in Canberra Australia.  Our head office and warehouse is loacted in Mitchell.


Are your products GUARANTEED?

Yes.  We don't sell rubbish and back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If our equipment doesn't perform or malfunctions during normal use and intended activities we'll refund it or replace it.  There are some conditions - but they're fundamentally common sense.  Check out the Warranty page for more information.


Where are your products made?

We source our products from where ever the best quality equipment is being made.  As far as we are concerned quality has no boundaries.  We know from over 24 months of testing that the olympic plates we have made in China are world class in quality and will compare and beat many other brands regardless of where the other brands are made.  We are also prepared to stack our barbells up against any brand any time. 

We believe that you should be buying the best quality equipment you can at the best price you can.  All Hellion equipment is high quality and represents excellent value for money.  We guarantee it.


Have your bars been tested?

Yes.  Exhaustively.  We have load tested our bars and also thrown them around in the gym for 12 months minimum.  We've had them overloaded with plates strapped more weights to them (1,000kgs worth) and bounced them around with forklifts, dropped them from balconies and subjected them to some really serious abuse (all of which isn't covered by warranty of course but we test to extremes!) and they survived without deformation or damage. 

There are a lot of bars out there selling for less than ours with published "load ratings" that are pure invention.  We've tested them and broken them.  Most of them don't come with a warranty or are only warranted for non-Crossfit and non-olympic lifting activites.  We'd be embarassed to sell them. Why buy an Olympic bar you can't lift with?!


Where are your rigs made?

We make our rigs right here in Australia.  After factory visits and multiple test rigs from China we simply can't match the quality and uniforminty of Australian rigs, made with Australian steel with Australian labour and Australian engineering.